Case Study #4 - Growing New Patient Revenue by $63,000/Mo

Case Study 4 Growing New Patient Revenue by $63,000 per month
July 25, 2023

As a business, new patients are the “lifeblood” of business. Not only do you want to retain the patients you do have, but you want to consistently add new patients to replace those that move away, no longer need your services, etc.

This client offered many amazing services and had glowing reviews. However, they lacked greatly on the SEO side and thus missed out on many new patient opportunities.

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Within 12 months, their new patient appointments increased by ~485%. With a LTV of over $1000, this will add more than $63,000 in revenue in the coming months.

To help achieve this outcome, we worked with the client on:

  1. Understanding search demand - oftentimes clients think they know what their patients search for online. For this client, we gave them data to educate them on the content that needed to be produced, as well as insight into how their competitors were attracting new patients.

  2. Website Conversion Optimization - after looking through analytics and the customer journey, we were able to determine areas of the website that created excess friction and limited opportunities to land new business. By removing the friction, customers found their way to the contact forms and scheduling far easier.

Not only did we increase website traffic, but the efficiency of the website traffic increased as well.

To be continued.

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