Case Study #2: Less Work, Less Expenses, & More Revenue

Case Study 2 Less Work Less Expenses More Revenue
July 24, 2023

Oftentimes, clients come to us with “agency baggage”. Lack of results, lack of communication, and lack of communication about results are a consistent theme we hear.

More often than not, the reporting that clients receive is cherry picked and lacks accuracy.

For this client in particular, they were spending six-figures a year on PPC ads with a ROAS under .5. Yes, you read that right. They spent $100,000 to produce $50,000 in revenue…

Because their overall revenue was growing from other avenues, this went unnoticed for the entirety of the year. They didn’t have the optics to know that this ad spend was not performing.

Fast forward to onboarding with Growthpharm, we quickly uncovered this expense and turned it off immediately. In addition, we were able to automate customer support emails to reduce 2-4 hours/day in labor. Finally, we realized that promotions were being overused to drive revenue yet crushing margins and cash.

While decreasing ad spend and payroll, this brand has been able to increase their revenue AND improve their bottom line by over six-figures.

Working with the wrong agency costs you more than you can imagine, until you find a great one. Many times it is the things you don’t see that will “kill” your business.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions to clients that extend well beyond the traditional monetary outcomes.

To be continued.

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