Case Study #1: $0-150K+ in Less Than 12 Months

Case Study #1
July 24, 2023

Powerful things happen when you combine great content with quality products and a marketing engine to maximize potential. With this client, it was the perfect recipe.

Client A is a brilliant and talented content creator and business owner. In early 2022, he started to have a little traction with his social media. As a business owner in a rural area, he knew he needed to expand his audience beyond the 15 mile radius he was accustomed to servicing. When his followers and views started to climb, he connected with Growthpharm and we helped amplify his message and monetize the audience he had built.

When you have a starving market and quality solutions for them, we believe it is your duty to service those individuals.

We did just that.

From September (when we launched his ecommerce website) to today, it has been a hockey stick like growth. In less than 12 months of working together, his sales will exceed $150k/mo.

Vital to his results have been the following:

1. Content, Content, & More Content

By no means is this a requirement, but it can help build attention really quickly. Organically, this client gets hundreds of thousands of views per month across his channels. This provides a lot of leverage for his brand. It also gives us insight into what his followers like most so we can advertise with his existing content - of which we already know that people resonate with.

Content results for Case Study 1

Email Marketing

The money is not made on the first sale. You want to deliver a quality product, and then utilize email marketing to keep these customers coming back. Email is a great, low-cost solution to keep your marketing costs lower while retaining business.

Paid Advertising

In a few short months, we have spent tens of thousands on ads to amplify his message. We are acquiring completely new customers profitably - of which many decide to subscribe and save and immediately opt-in to future purchases. This effort has compounded and lead to a strong base of loyal customers. Not only does this build a higher “floor” for his sales every month, but it also helps with inventory management.

Paid advertising results for Case Study 1


While SEO is often overlooked by ecommerce brands, it has helped drive new opportunities to his business. As time progresses, the compounding asset that is SEO will drive thousands of orders per month.

Boot-strapped and profitable all along, this business is thriving and just scratching the surface of its potential.

To be continued.

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