Case Study #3: Fixing 20 Years of Invisible

Case Study 3 Fixing 20 Years of Invisible
July 24, 2023

As a brick and mortar business, many make the mistake of thinking that people know all that you offer. Afterall, you’ve run a few radio campaigns, have a website with your services, and talk to a few customers a month about your offerings.

That isn’t enough.

One of the more eye-opening activities we share with clients is how little exposure they have and how much opportunity they are missing out on. If you compare yourself to small businesses that may not be doing great marketing - or any marketing at all, it’s understandable to think that you are doing well.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses tend to make is copying competitors that appear to be doing well.

This business below has been around for 20+ years. They have a full spectrum of services in the healthcare space. They see over 1000 patients per month.

Their desired outcomes were clear when we met.

  1. Attract new patients to offset their aging population of patients.
  2. Develop and grow their OTC / supplement business to $20,000/mo
  3. Increase the take rate on their additional services

In the last 12 months of working together, we have:

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Attracted hundreds of new patients by improving SEO. This business went from only 41 keywords to over 2400 (58x increase) in 12 months. This has resulted in thousands of dollars per month in exposure to “bottom of the funnel” patients that are actively looking for solutions. This growth in keywords has correlated to this business’ record revenue.

In addition, they have increased their service revenue by $50,000 per month during this time period.

As this compounds, not only do they grow this asset (SEO), but we have also steadily increased another asset - an email list. We are pacing to grow their email list by over 5,000 people per year - the majority of which are outside of their geographic location and provide growth opportunities to a completely new subset of customers.

In this next phase, we will lean on their email list to promote their new private-label line of supplements that correlate to the content & website traffic that they have built traction on.

In about 12 months, this client has had 2 of the 3 goals met and the last one well on its way.

To be continued.

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