Pharmacy Marketing in 2022 – Best ROI Strategies

Marketing 2022 Strategies
December 13, 2021

The past two years of Independent Pharmacy have looked quite different that what one could expect in 2022 and beyond. Consumer shopping dynamics have changed and with it Independent Pharmacy.

The pandemic shook up Independent Pharmacy, but with volatility comes opportunities.

Vaccines. Supplements. Testing. Hand Sanitizer.

Many Pharmacies had their best two years from all of the additional revenue (high margin) they were able to add to their prescription heavy business.

To make sure your profit continues as some of these trends adjust, we are going to bless you with the best insights for Pharmacy Marketing in 2022.

Paid Vs. Organic

Marketing is often viewed through the lens of an expense. Without arguing the "opportunity cost" of not marketing and all the negatives in additional, I want to focus on the cheapest marketing solutions first.

Marketing does not have to be spending thousands per month on Facebook Advertising or Google PPC.

Instead, it can be very cheap (or nearly free) options like email, SMS, and SEO.

With a patient database in the thousands, most Pharmacies issue is not that they don’t have enough customers. Their issue is that they do not know how to make more per customer.

Instead of reaching more potential customers, Pharmacies should utilized their owned list more.

What this looks like on a practical level?

Email 2-3x per week with new products and services. Friendly reminders. Giveaways. Promotions.

This costs $0 to do (besides software cost). Better yet, these customers already like, know, and trust you.

It is must easier to sell to people you have a relationship with than those that are complete strangers.

Using softwares like Mized, Pharmacies can maximize their current patient database with proven SMS and email templates to increase Rx and Non-Rx revenue.

Just by texting his current patients, Steve from Hines Street Pharmacy added an extra $40,000 of profit to his Pharmacy in a little over a month…and picked up 10+ new patients from referrals.

Buying ads should not be the first thing you do. Let a team like ours review your biggest opportunities for growth in 2022 and effectively help you grow.