Your Next Website May Cost You $1,000,000+ - Literally

The Million Dollar Website Mistake
September 4, 2023

Rebuilding your website to have it match the brand and direction of your business is a great idea. However, it often comes with incredible consequences that most agencies will hide from you.

You may end up with the beautiful website you were after, but under the hood you may have just lost years worth of SEO progress overnight.

This image says it all:

Organic Keywords

See that steep drop?

It looks like Mount Thor - the steepest cliff in the world (fun fact).

Like so many, this business launched a new website with their marketing agency. Instantly, they lost 1,800 keywords and about 3,000 visitors/mo of website traffic.

It “looked great” visually - but underneath it caused tremendous harm.

If we didn’t catch this, the client would have happily kept their website and over months would have felt the pain of new patient opportunities dwindling to zero.

SEMrush report

SEMrush report 2

From peak to trough, they lost $8,600/mo worth of traffic or $103,200/year. Over the next decade, that’s more than $1,000,000…

Luckily, we met the client in June, launched their new website in September, and have quickly recovered their SEO and surpassed their all time highs.

What took them 6 years to build, we surpassed in less than one year.

Look at this growth from one of our other clients. I am sure you can tell when we started working together…

Organic Traffic

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