Social Media for Healthcare: The Overlooked Advantage You Have

Your Overlooked Competitive Advantage on Social Media
October 11, 2023

Inactive. Stock Images. Dull.

This is the reality of most healthcare businesses’ social media. Currently, most of these businesses aren’t exactly the poster child for social media accounts to learn from.

That trend needs to end.

For many of the businesses we work with, and other examples we will discuss below, their social media has been a massive catalyst to their growth.

Take a look at North Century Pharmacy, F8 Wellness Centers, or The Wellness Way are great examples of active, unique, and engaging content.

Notice their engagement, followers, and demand they generate from posting videos on a free platform.

What an incredible opportunity when you really think about it.

These results are not built overnight, but they’re possible to all businesses that are willing to make video content.

Yes, this means using the big, bad camera (it doesn’t have to be an actual big camera - an iphone works really well).

That camera can be your biggest enemy or one of your greatest assets. You decide.

Here is the biggest reason you need to step outside of your comfort zone and start making video content for your social media.

You Have Instant Credibility That Your Competitors Don’t

People will automatically trust you as a pharmacist or provider. Your title has earned you immediate respect in the eyes of the viewer.

Why does this matter?

Many of the businesses and brands you compete against do not have this ability. They don’t have the titles, accolades, and most importantly trust that you immediately have.

Ever notice how Athletic Greens or other supplement brands have to use language like “trusted by doctors”? It’s because they need the authority that people like you have.

But you don’t have to say stuff like that. You just have to talk. You are already a pharmacist/doctor/provider.

What does this mean?

Your content will perform better. You will get leads easier. You will get sales easier.

Companies like that wish that they had people like you on their staff that could talk about their brand.


A Few Tips On This:

LOOK like a healthcare professional. Wear your white coat or scrubs. Record content with a background where it looks like you’re in an office, practice, or pharmacy. A place that shows people you run an actual business.

This will matter less and less as you become more recognized, but in the beginning they are crucial.

If you need help making more engaging content, visit this page where you will find 5 incredible resources that will help you generate more captivating content to drive more service and product sales.