Increasing Your Rx Per Day From Google Reviews

Organic Growth Google Reviews
December 8, 2021

Just like fishing, effective marketing can only be accomplished by considering the following questions:

  • Where do I need to fish? Where are my ideal customers hanging out?
  • What kind of bait are they looking for? What will get their attention?
  • How long am I willing to wait? How many resources can I allocate toward this until it is no longer worth it?

In this blog, let’s start with which "pond" your hungry fish are congregating. See here expansion for questions two and three.

Finding New Patients

Statistically speaking, ideal Pharmacy patients are everywhere.

Unfortunately, nearly 66% of American adults are taking prescriptions…

Nearly 2 out of every 3 adults need a Pharmacy to service their health needs.

But how do we direct them towards you?

Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, you can look up the number of searches per month geared towards Pharmacy.

"Pharmacy near me"

"Pharmacy (city name)"

"Best pharmacy (city name)"

In many markets (especially with a population greater than 10,000 people), these searches total a few hundred if not a over a thousand.

Every month. Like clockwork.

Why aren’t they choosing you?

On a separate tab (or after you finish reading), type in “pharmacy (city you live in)” and see what pops up. You will see something like below.

screenshot of pharmacy google results

Based on this image, who do you think the large majority of new patient opportunities go to?

Hint: it’s not the Pharmacies that show up after you click the "more places" button.

Walgreens and Village Pharmacy of Wake Forest are getting the majority of opportunities. They are the convenient option for popping up first.

We do this all the time in other parts of our life. Online shopping. Restaurants. Grocery Stores.

We look from top to bottom.

"But how do I get into the top 3?" "I have a lot of competition in my area."

Competition means population. Population means volume. Volume means more opportunity. Embrace it.

Here is how to get into the Top 3 options within a week…and blow up your phones at your Pharmacy…WITHOUT having to spend money on Google Ads…

What The Data Says

Ranking at the top on Google comes down to three main things.

Relevance. Distance. Prominence.

In a nutshell: Are you relevant to what was searched? Are you within driving distance? Are you good at what you do?

Now before you jump out of your chair exclaiming how much better you are than a chain pharmacy, I believe you. But Google doesn’t.

Google’s algorithm is based on what other people have to say. So, get more people to advocate for your Pharmacy.

By using a Reputation Management SMS campaign, we are able to ask your best customers for a review – so we know you will get only 5-Star responses…

You hand select your best patients. We send them a nicely worded text. They leave your Pharmacy a 5-Star review. You pass all of your competition within days.

How many 5-Star review do you need?

After gathering data on over 275 Independent Pharmacies across the United States, the average Pharmacy has only 25 Google Reviews and has an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Here are some of the many Pharmacies that we have helped boost into the top of their markets:

  • Village Pharmacy of Wake Forest, NC (above image)
  • Medicine Shoppe of Sherman, TX
  • Your Pharmacy & Mobility Solutions of Beaumont, CA
  • Medicine Shoppe of Shillington, PA.

A good goal to have would be 50 Total Google Reviews and an average rating above 4.5.

Want this done for you?

If you want our help, including the sms automation and exact campaigns we have used across dozens of Pharmacies, schedule a call with our team.