Create Viral Social Media Content More Consistently With These 5 Tips

Create More Viral Content With These 5 Tips
August 31, 2023

Social media continues to evolve and more and more businesses are being left in the dust. Business owners and their marketing “teams” are overwhelmed by all various platforms, the nuances of posting options, video editing, and more. They see leaders of various agencies like Gary Vaynerchuk shouting that they need 47-638 pieces of content every week (kidding…..kind of).

After working with many small businesses who have begun to execute on the below, we have seen many of our clients go from “zero to hero” within 90 days of ruthless execution. They aren not just accumulating followers, but rather real customers that end up buying (what you really want).

Let’s overview some foundational truths and then get into tactics. No sugarcoating.

Just posting images of your product or service used to be good enough - it no longer is.
Posting once a week used to be considered “active” - it no longer is.
Oh, and not having an active presence on the platforms your customers spend time is dumb.

This isn’t for the person looking to “dabble” but rather the person that wants to grow. If that is you, keep reading.

1. Don’t Start Until You Know Your Customer

Your ideal customer is not everyone. As a pharmacy, practice, or clinic, you may help LOTS of people. But, that does not mean every person is your customer.

One of the best events I attended / books I’ve read on this was by Donald Miller. His free resource called the StoryBrand Brandscript is a great, free tool you can use. It will not only help you be clear on your brand, but also who you are ultimately serving. Without that, the rest of these tips are not helpful.

As of August 2023:

Facebook - great platform for target audience of 30+
Instagram - great platform for ages 20-40
Tiktok - great platform for all ages but (mostly) under 30

If you just focused on these three, you would be in great shape.

2. Understand What They Want BEFORE You Make Content

One of the great tools on the internet is something as simple as Google Trends. Type in a keyword and quickly see many people actually care about a subject.

Combined with that, there are many questions related to a keyword that you will want to know. We created a free content tips download for you here so you can find the top questions your target customers have.

A friendly reminder: make content based on what your customers’ needs and desires are - not what you want to talk about. Many times, health professionals talk about complex and technical subjects to impress other peer providers while simultaneously alienating their customers.

Help them, not your ego.

3. Video Builds Trust Faster Than Photos

Remove video from the equation and boil down your marketing to this question: “how do I build the most trust?”

Without it, you will struggle to get strangers to buy from you.

I would argue that you would build trust faster with someone that you facetimed, talked with, or listened to. Even the Presidential Election is largely based on a candidate's ability to speak and build trust on a debate stage…with their voice.

It may be uncomfortable to accept this truth (or start making videos with your face behind it), but that doesn’t make it less true. Both the platforms and your target customers want video.

Look at this growth from a client of ours:

social media page overview

A few videos of them talking built massive trust, exploded their followers, and lead to more than $17,000 in sales as a result of the content.


4. “Sell” Without Selling

I like to analogize content back to dating as it’s a relatable subject for many and can provide clarity on strategy. So here is another example:

Opening a door for your partner is not asking them to marry you.
Saying “please” and “thank you” is not asking them to marry you.
Helping your partner when they are sick is not asking them to marry you.

BUT, these are all things that likely contribute to your partner wanting to marry you.

Think about content in the same way.

Sometimes you give value and helpful information away without a call to action to buy.
Sometimes you respond to messages from patients and help without a product or service to sell.

And sometimes, you ask them to buy.

Be helpful and mix up your content. Sell (without hesitation) when you have something your customer needs and you can provide. Other times, wish them well, ask for more topics they want insight on, or ask them to follow if they want more helpful content in the future.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (to be fair, this is one of Gary’s best tips). It means, give, give, give, ask (for the sale).

5. Learn From Top Creators

Whether you like it or not, you are competing for attention. Not just from other health professionals, but from ALL other options.

Think of it like the streaming business. Netflix isn’t competing against just movie theaters, Hulu, Disney+, or Peacock. They are competing against date nights out, playing cards with friends, going on a walk, reading a book, AND other streaming options.

They are competing for attention against all other possibilities.

You are in the same boat - which means your content needs to be entertaining - and that can be done in MANY ways.

Just like movie types, your content can be informational (documentary), funny (comedy), inspiring, sad, etc.

Chances are, your customers/patients look to you to be informational and inspiring more so than funny…

Use your personality strengths to your advantage and be YOU (authentic is never a bad idea).

If you need help improving your content and ultimately using it as a tool to grow your business, book a call with our team!